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Working with you to build a strong future for wildlife
conservation and outdoor recreation in California.

Bill Gaines’ extensive experience, excellent track record and well-known name in public policy compelled him to establish his own private Government Relations firm - Gaines & Associates - in 2013.

A nature lover and an avid outdoorsman his entire life, Bill Gaines and Gaines & Associates is not your typical "hired gun" contract lobbying firm.  Gaines & Associates focuses only on policy which impacts wildlife conservation and outdoor recreation, because we personally care deeply about those issues. Gaines & Associates' unmatched background and knowledge of wildlife, hunting and the outdoors, combined with our personal passion to protect and promote them for future generations to enjoy.  

"I only work in the areas of interest I care most deeply about, am personally active in, and extremely well educated in -- wildlife management, conservation, hunting and fishing."                                                               Bill Gaines, Principal                                                         Gaines & Associates

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